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Welcome to Avidanella cottage rental beachfront resort!

Situated in a large park directly on the sandy beach the DOMAINE DE L’AVIDANELLA with its fully equipped roomy and comfortable cottages for 3 to 8 persons makes the ideal holidays for families possible. Each cottage has its shady porch and its own flowered front garden. There are playgrounds for children, volleyball and table-tennis.

If you are tired of the city life, all the noise and hassle, and don’t want to spend hours on airplane to get to an exotic island. If you want peace, quiet, tranquility and desire some time alone with nature. All you have to do is come visit us at our family run beachfront cottage resort.

Our pet friendly lodging is located on the waterfront Tyrrhenian Sea, and contains 4 hectors of natural park, with sandy beaches and spectacular views of the mountains. Consistently warm weather mixed with the shining sun, clean beaches, silky water and the absence of any cares or worries bring people to us from all over the world. Everyone who stays with us is taken to a cottage with an enclosed terrace, wrapped in a natural blanket of greens and flowers. All cottages are positioned conveniently within the park, with all the necessary amenities needed for a family or group to stay comfortably, including parking at the cottage.  The park itself is all natural, no no concrete or asphalt, and all paths lead to the sea. You could spend you entire day in a bathing suit enjoying the gorgeous scenery and wonderful weather. The only noise that will awake you in the morning is that of birds singing outside your window, and there is over 25 different species within the park. Our center is located perfectly from a geographical point. If you would like to visit the dozens of scenic spots in Corsica, you could do that in a day and be back in time for dinner. In the case that you don’t have a vehicle,  you could go hiking in the mountains on specially marked trails, to take in the breathtaking waterfalls, crystal clear rivers and emerald forests.

You will be met with friendly and attentive care. Our staff can introduce you to the history of Corsica, tell you about some of the more interesting aspects, answer any questions and suggest where to visit. You will not experience a language barrier, as we speak over 6 different languages. We wish for you to have the relaxation and comfort that you deserve and can’t wait to see you soon!